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Soapmaking started out as a challenge to myself. Just to see if I could really make soap. Over 16 years ago I tried my first attempt at soapmaking. It did not result in what I considered to be soap. It was a little sudsy but not great. I had rendered my own fat and used that to make my soap. It was smelly and not a lot of fun. However, that did not stop me. I continued experimenting with different oils and eventually started using goats milk in most of my soaps.

I finally started using what I consider to be a simple recipe for my soap and that seems to have really worked for a lot of my customers. I use the same basic recipe for most of my soaps and add to it as needed for specialty soaps.

In case you wonder, I do not have any goats! Lately, all of my milk has come from local 4-H Goat Clubs. When they are at the 4-H Fair, the milk from the goats cannot be consumed and is just thrown away. Another friend and I made contributions to the clubs in return for their milk. I have frozen goat milk in freezers all over town!

I love making soap! I love coming up with new scents using essential oils or fragrance oils. Experimenting to make new products is a great passion of mine.

I hope you will enjoy my soaps and other products as much as I enjoy making them!

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